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SP Els, AFGRI Animal Feeds   When the grazing platform changes from ryegrass to kikuyu and/or the neutral detergent fibre (NDF) increases and the protein content decreases – historically the first nutrient nutritionist would increase is the crude protein (CP) concentration in the dairy meal. Making decisions based on CP concentrations as well as energy […]

Nutritional flushing of Sheep

In recent times the economic pressure that sheep farmers have experienced has been detrimental. To relieve the pressure that farmers experience, flush feeding could be used as a management tool to maximize the economic viability of their sheep enterprise. The proper nutrition during the breeding season is key. Flush feeding Flush feeding is a well-known […]

Flush feeding is an effective aid in sheep farming

By JW van Niekerk, technical advisor, AFGRI Animal Feeds An aspect that can have a major impact on the effectivity of sheep farming, is an increase in conception rate and fecundity (multiplets). Flush feeding is a management aid that can be effectively used, under certain circumstances, to increase the lambing percentage and profitability of a […]